Beadelator 1.0

Beadelator is an easy-to-use software program for beadwork design
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Beadelator is an easy-to-use software program for beadwork design, developed as a full-featured entry level program for hobbyist and bead designers alike. It supports an open-source pattern format called XML that makes it possible to import your patterns into other bead design programs like BeadCreator, so that no one program can hold your designs in a proprietary format.
Beadelator features allow professional design creating. It has some unique features which do not exist in other bead software programs:
- A customer can manually pattern paint (pencil, line, etc.) over the original image. They can see at the same time the pattern being painted and the original image, which displays in a transparent mode. Transparency mode value is customizable.
-Beadelator allows you to adjust pattern colors with the purpose of changing brightness, contrast or to apply HSL effects.
-Beadelator has wider PDF options.
-Beadelator provides the end user with tools for copy protection of their work
-Beadelator allows design file export\import in XML format.
-Beadelator allows working with detailed palette colors description – all palette color lists are customizable. Maximum color list columns are 21 columns. End user can select columns of interest.
-Beadelator has a “color map” feature, i.e. it’s possible to see location of all the same colors on the pattern.

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